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lish Eng V a lluce ® solution TECHNICAL EXPLANATION Autorizzazione Ministeriale n. 0001481-P del 16/01/2009 Band ❶ : Cotton + Lycra with high-density elastomeric resistance, given different weave characteristics. It conforms to the natural strength lines of the foot muscles and joints and hinders deviation of the big toe towards the other toes. The weave lines ❷: binding the metatarsal joint and interact with band ❶, amplifying its effects on the big toe and foot muscles. Band ❸: Soft Cotton + Elastic Nylon with more or less dense weaves studied to provide a correct binding that favours lymph drainage. Band ❹: 100% cotton, soft, classic weave. Recommendations and user instructions: At first it is best to use them gradually. about 2-3 hours to start with, slowly increasing to all day. They have no side effects, although at first your foot or calf muscles may ache. The lymph draining massage effect is obtained even with healthy feet. If reddening or pain persists consult your doctor. IN CHEMISTS • DRUG STORES HEALTH SHOPS • ORTHOPAEDICS SPECIALISTS composition: 60% cotton 33% polyamide 7% lycra CL 30° • It is a CE medical device Patent N° WO 2008/102405 produced 100% Italian ® ISPE snc - Via G. Galilei, 22 35030 SARMEOLA di Rubano (PD) Uff. comm.: Tel./Fax +39 049 8075271 Tel. +39 049 8976776 Imported by:

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V V allu ce solution Alluce Valgo Solution® is a technologically innovative sock conceived to embrace the foot and aid it in its functions. ® solution ® Alluce Valgo Solution® a l l uc e Alluce Valgo Solution® Its concept is the result of years’ experience in physiotherapeutic bandages. So this is the origin of the Alluce Valgo Solution® sock, studied and developed by technologically weaving and mixing Cotton-Lycra-Elastic Nylon yarns to respect the natural strength lines of the foot muscles and joints. A wide big toe space offers its greater freedom of movement. • Essential for anyone with Hallux...

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