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Grip Patterns

The first grip pattern available, in each

operating mode, should be the grip you will

use most frequently. You can then switch

to a second grip pattern by applying either

a co-contraction or a double OPEN signal

to the hand. It is then possible to switch

to a further two grip patterns in each mode

by pressing the programme switch on the

back of the hand

An additional three grips and positions -

hook, finger adduction and open palm -

are achieved as part of other grip patterns

This means you will be able to select up to

11 grip patterns that will be most beneficial

in your day-to-day life.

Note: - Your practitioner will work with

you to programme the hand with the

most appropriate grip patterns to suit your

lifestyle They will also work with you to find

the easiest way to change between grips

For certain grip patterns, it is necessary

for the practitioner to adjust the thumb

alignment, so that the contact position

between finger(s) and thumb is optimised

For instance, the thumb contacts the index

finger for precision and pinch, whereas in

tripod the thumb contacts the index and

middle finger.


Your prosthetic provider will help you to

become proficient in using your bebionic3

hand. You may attend some training

sessions where different aspects of your

everyday activities will be explored. You

can get the most from training by listing

and suggesting those tasks that you want

to achieve. You can then work through

this list with your team. To get the most

from the hand, make sure your arm is

comfortable, secure and functional


We recommend that you do not adjust,

dismantle, attempt to maintain, or modify

your prosthesis. If it doesn't function as

you think it should, contact your prosthetic

provider who will be able to provide

guidance. You should inspect your

prosthesis regularly to identify potential

problems early.

The bebionic3 glove is made of silicone;

this can be cleaned with warm water

and liquid soap. If, and when, you need

a replacement glove please contact your

prosthetic provider.

If water, perspiration, steam, snow, dust

or sand enter the internal components of

the arm, corrosion and component failure

is likely to occur. Inspect the prosthesis

regularly for glove damage, since cuts and

tears allow these materials to penetrate the



Treat your prosthesis as if it were your own


Do not expose it to a naked flame or

excessive heat.

Take care not to touch live electrical



One fully-charged battery can provide

power to a bebionic3 hand for more than

a day for average user function. We

recommend that the battery is charged

each night so that a regular charging

pattern is established, and you start each

day with a fully charged battery.


Avoid impacts and do not subject the arm

to excessive loads, particularly where your

safety relies on the integrity of the arm and

the suspension that holds it in place.

If you have a particular occupational or

recreational activity that may overload the

arm, please discuss it with your prosthetic

provider. It may be possible to design or

adapt your arm so that it is suitable for

your special requirements. We accept

no responsibility for any damage or injury

caused through improper use.


It is the responsibility of each user to ensure

they comply with local regulations before

operating any motorised vehicle.

Charging the Battery

Please ensure that you use the correct

charger for the battery pack as provided

with your bebionic3 hand

You MUST NOT ATTEMPT to charge

these high current Lithium Ion / Polymer

batteries with a charger designed for other

Apes of battery technology. If you have

any doubts, please contact your prosthetic


It is important to remove the prosthesis and

place it in a stable place where it will not fall

before charging the battery. Position the

small round output plug on the charger into

the charging port on the socket. Insert the

mains plug fitted to the transformer into a

socket of the domestic power supply.

Move the battery switch to the OFF

position, i.e. towards the charging port.

The charger lights will flash, as indicated

on the charger, please allow time for the

unit to settle. It is important to return the

battery switch to the ON position once

fully charged to return power to the hand

This should be done by moving the battery

switch away from the charging port.

The car charger should not be used whilst


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    OppOSGCl GripS Where your thumb is in opposition to the fingers Tripod Pinch Tripod allows you to grip objects between the thumb and the...
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    Non-opposed GripsYour thumb is moved inline with the fingers.KeyFinger PointColumnMouseSimilar to a lateral pinch grip, key gripis ideal for carrying papers,...
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    Other GripsFurther functions of your bebionic3 yourselfOpen PalmRelaxed HandOpening the hand fully, with thethumb in the non-opposed position,creates...
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    NotesWarranty Terms & PolicyItemWarranty PeriodWarranty Termsbebionic3 Hand12 monthsDesign and ManufactureCables12 monthsDesign and ManufactureWrist12...
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